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January Roundup


January got off to a great start and i've had a good mix of locations to work in. I got to spend New Year in Dubai where i was flying wingsuits and working on my aerial photography, something i really want to put more focus on. Then it was on a flight back to Zurich and a quick transfer to my winter home of St Anton, Austria. The snow conditions had been poor when i left but i was greeted by a huge storm on return and incredible snow conditions. The rest of January I spent up in the mountains shooting in The Arlberg and hunting new snow and locations. I'm just packing up and heading back to the UK for a few projects so below are a few of my favourite images shot in Jan 2016. Any questions fire them over in the comments below and i will try to answer as quickly as possible.


Thanks,  Finn


 Jamie Cartwright & Shaun Crockford flying over the Palm Dubai. 

We didnt know if we were going to run out of light but fortunately managed to get one last jump in as the sun was setting. We knew the shot we wanted with the two of them flying with me slightly behind so we could frame the palm into the shot as well. They were both flying bigger wingsuits than me so i really had to push mine to keep up with them and not sink out and miss the shot. In my head at the time i wanted to be tighter in on them to shoot but i couldnt get the speed to keep up. I was worried i had missed it but luckily when reviewing the shots we found the framing gave a really nice sense of scale to the final image.



Martin Schober Getting Deep in Stuben.

I had been out night shooting with Martin the day before this and the snow was falling hard so we knew we were in for a good day. Storm days aren't the easiest to shoot in from lens covered in snow, trying to follow focus points, nearly no light to use and hands feeling like they will drop off. That being said it's my favourite weather to be out in the mountains. This was shot on Canon 5dmkiii and 70-200 2.8 IS ii lens, the weather seeling combo on that set up is essential for a day like this and i had no worries about the camera being covered in snow all day.


iso 250 //  90mm //  f.5.6  //  1/2500sec




Niall Pomeroy Bluebird in Sonnenkopf

The forecast was saying blue skies and sunshine after a near 4 day storm so we knew conditions were going to be good. Heading over to the smaller resort of Sonnenkopf we knew it would be quieter and also more options to get shots without having to venture onto the unsettled bigger faces. This was coming into the afternoon so the shadows were lengthening and we found a nice untouched face. After working out the spot for the shot we waited a couple of minutes for the sun to pop back out. I had thrown some snow onto the lens so it would refract when the sun hit giving a completely different feel to the image. Shooting directly at the sun and the snow on the lens i wasn't 100% sure if this would work out but wanted to experiment with it. Luckily it didn't over power the final image and gave a really nice effect instead. I would have like to have shot this on my 50mm 1.2 but hadn't brought it that day and instead was shot on a Canon 5dmkiii with Canon 24-105 f.4 L IS lens.


iso 100  // 50mm  //  f.8  // 1/2500sec


Vreni Vom Berg Riding In the Zurs Sunset

We had been out shooting all day in incredible snow in this very area, knowing that the sunset would be just behind this face so we left the in the hope no one else would ride it. We headed back over to this spot at about 16.30 but the sun was still quite high. After waiting half an hour and the sun dropping significantly we knew that the backlit shot would be on. In this time i had plenty of test shots and tried out lots of different angles and possiblities trying to figure out the key moment with Vreni and the sun. Luckily after talking over the radios we were pretty sure we both knew exactly where to head for and it worked out great. For a shot that looks like it has a lot of post work done to it there is actually very little, a slight tweak of the contrast and dropping the blacks throughout was all that was needed. A special end to a great day, shot on Canon 5dmkiii and

Canon 70-200 2.9 IS L ii.


iso 100  //  90mm  //  f.8  //  1/3200sec 



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